We have recently been working really hard on our Equality policy and on setting ourselves objectives that really reflect the direction of travel for our school and the things we hold close to our heart as leaders and staff at AFJS. We believe this policy is integral to our school’s identify, vision and aims and we are keen to share with you the work that we already do and the future plans we have to provide equitable opportunities and an inclusive environment for all pupils. We have created a new page on our website dedicated to personal development, which we are going to use to showcase all the things we do to support pupils and their families at AFJS. https://abbotsfarm.co.uk/learning-at-abbots-farm/personal-development/ On this page, you will also find a button to take you straight to the revised Equality Policy and new objectives. It is a long document, but the key thing we would love you to take a look at is the action plan and ojectives on  pages 11-15 and we would welcome any comments via the admin email – please use the subject line ‘FAO Mrs Webb re equality policy’.