Medical Information and Support in School

Medical Information and Support in School

Supporting your children in school often requires more than just providing a safe environment to be educated in.

At Abbots Farm Junior School, we are committed to ensuring that ALL children, regardless of their medical conditions, whether long-term or just for a period of time, are able to access a full education and be included in as much of the curriculum opportunities as their personal circumstances allow.

First Aid in School

The vast proportion of Abbots Farm staff are Pediatric First Aid trained, meaning that there is a wealth of knowledge and support for managing pupils injuries and illnesses.

Supporting Medical Conditions in School

A number of pupils at school currently require ongoing access to medication, such as inhalers of asthma, or from time to time, medication for other illnesses.

To ensure that we are up-to-date with medical conditions and specific pupil requirements, we ask that families complete a medical information section of the New Intake sheet when first starting school. It is not expected that this needs updating, unless the child’s medical condition changes during their time with us. If the situation changes, please contact the school on to inform the office of the necessary amendments.

Medicine in School

If your child is required to bring in medication, please complete the medication document and submit it to prior to bringing in the medication

If your child requires an inhaler in school, please complete the asthma plan document and send to

If your child suffers from any allergies, and requires additional support, please read through the allergy awareness document and complete accordingly.