Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Our teachers and teaching assistants are an incredible team who possess a wide range of skills that help to bring our curriculum to life.

The wider staff team hold an equally important role at Abbots Farm. From the office and site teams, through to midday supervisors and wraparound care, their aim is to ensure the welfare and safety of all children, and you as parents, whilst at Abbots Farm.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Gemma Webb, Head

Mr Adam Corbett, Deputy Head

Mrs Lauren Watson-Tate, Assistant Head

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Classroom Staff


Year 3

Mrs Thomas (covering Mrs Berry maternity)

Teacher (Mrs Berry = Music)
Mrs Hartwell Teacher (RE)
Mrs Jones TA2
Mrs Saunders TA2
Mrs Mills TA2
Year 4
Mr Wolsey Teacher (Science and Outdoor Learning)
Mrs Bostock Teacher (English)
Mrs Symes TA2
Mrs Blackwell TA3
Mrs Enefer TA3
Miss Wood TA2/Sports coach
Year 5
Mr Evans Teacher (Maths)
Miss Neel Teacher (Computing)
Mrs Warneck TA3
Mrs Issitt TA3
Mrs Harris TA2
Year 6
Mr Corbett Teacher (DHT & T&L/curriculum lead)
Mrs Watson-Tate Teacher (AHT & SENCO)
Mrs Beech Teacher (PE & Games, after school clubs, French)
Mrs Briggs TA3
Mrs Richardson TA3
PPA Cover
Miss Trainer Part-time Teacher (Art)
Mrs Solomon Part-time Teacher (DT)


Lunchtime Support Staff

 Mrs Issitt leads our lunch team, ably assisted by many of our Teaching Assistants and a team of lunch supervisors:

Lunch Supervisors

Mrs Faderani

Mrs Gowing

Mrs Bowes

Mrs Jarvis


The Office and Site Team

Mrs Bull – School Business Manager

Mrs Bowcutt – School Admin and Kidzone Finance Office

Mr Issitt – Site Manager and ICT support