Another super week in the Studio! A few staff members (Mrs Webb included!) have highlighted how much of a buzz there is whenever they pass the studio and how engaged the children are in their art. The children really seem to be enjoying the safe and creative space.
Year 3 have been focusing on colour and how the Stone Age people would have made different colours.  Did you know that some colours were made using ground up bones? The children then began  colouring mixing using primary colours and adding black and white paint to create shades and tints.  Messy fun indeed!
Year 4 mixed art and technology this week to research a variety of flowers to inspire them in their final Illuminated letters.  They then recreated these using a variety of writing instruments, applying their sketching skills from the previous week.  The calligraphy pens and pastels were firm favourites and the children were hugely proud of their achievements.
Year 5 showed super resilience this week when trying their hand at proportion drawing- not an easy skill.  Using their newly acquired skills, they then recreated some scenes from the pots they had explored the previous week.  We also explored the famous ceramicist Grayson Perry and compared his work to that of the Ancient Greeks.  We deduced that both works are a ‘window’ into what life is/was like.  Next week the children will begin deciding what will go on their final pots to showcase what life is like now.
Year 6 have continued to explore great artists this week and created mood boards with ideas and inspiration.  The pupils really enjoyed the chance to take ownership of their research and how they were able to record their findings.  It was great to see such creativity around the room and super resilience and ambition when recreating some of the patterns they had discovered.
 Miss Trainer