First week of ART across the school completed in the studio! What a great week with all of your little artists! It has been such fun getting to know lots of new faces and seeing some of the children I have taught in previous years.
Here is a little bit about what we have been doing.
Year 3 have been continuing to learn about Stone-Age art.  Last week we looked at examples of stone-age art and this week the children got the chance to explore texture.  The pupils explored different objects and used words to describe how they felt.  They then had the chance to explore and experiment with different writing instruments to create textured effects in their sketch books.  Such creativity! Great job Year 3.
Year 4 had fun being art detectives this week, analysing different Illuminated Letters. They discovered that most of the examples used primary colours, as well as gold and green, and included nature themes and swirls.  Next it was time to develop sketching skills of flowers.  The children showed lots of resilience when they were finding it a bit tricky.  Well done.

Year 5 continued with their work on Greek art and found out about all the uses of Greek Pots! Did you know that winners in the Olympic Games were given pots of olive oil as prizes?  The children had lots of fun developing their sketching skills and experimenting with pastels and charcoal.

Year 6 mixed ART and technology this week and researched the famous designer William Morris.  Using their skills, they created fact files using either PicCollage or Popplet.  I have never actually used Popplet before so the children were teaching me some new skills! Next week the children will gather ideas and inspiration for their watercolour pieces.