written by Jaireet and Seth:
This half term we have been using Logotacular.  We have been programming a screen pointer to create shapes and repeated shapes.  We needed to plan, modify and test our commands to make our program function.
We were introduced to the app Logotacular.  On this app, we could program the screen pointer to make letters, shapes and the repetition of shapes.  We learnt that the command ‘fd’ made the pointer go forwards, ‘bk’ made it go backwards.’rt’ made it rotate right, and ‘lt’ made it rotate left .
We learnt to make letters and shapes like our initials.  We needed to type the code for them.  If it didn’t work, we needed to find errors in it.  It was easy to see the faults but as we progressed it got harder.  We needed to be very resilient in checking our code.  This included the instructions, any brackets and so on.
Over the weeks, we have created algorithms, which are instructions that can be turned into code, to create patterns with repeated shapes using our codes with loops.

Coding has been very exciting!