This post was written by the Y6s.

On Tuesday 28th February fifteen Year 5’s and 6’s went to Harris school for a Gifted and Talented P.E. day. We did Yoga, fitness, cricket and rowing.

In Yoga we started with some stretches and then we tried some different poses to get us ready for the crow which is a very hard pose! Some of us found it hard and some found it easier. After that we did the Sun Salutation which is a series of poses and stretches. Finally, we relaxed and focused on our breathing, we learnt the box technique which we might find useful when we are doing our SAT’s in a couple of months’ time.

The second activity of the day was fitness where we got to go in the gym. We had 12 different exercises to complete in pairs, some involved weights and other gym equipment.

Cricket was hard but enjoyable. First, we practised all of the skills such as throwing, catching, batting and bowling in a series of mini games before finishing off with a big game.

Our final activity was rowing. To start off with we had a quick warm-up on the rowing machines to get ready then we had to pick out a drink and a snack. After that we looked at how many calories were in the snack and drink. We added them up to make one whole number and then had to try and burn off the calories in our teams taking it in turns to row.

It was a very enjoyable day and we learnt a lot.