We are now a Music Mark School in recognition of our committment to providing music opportunities for our pupils. Singing is the golden thread of our music curriculum and we promote a love of singing through lessons, assemblies and extra-curricular opportunities. It is not just a skill but it is also a great way to boost mental health and mood! We celebrate this with our wider community whenever we can too, through:

  • our Y3/4 Christmas performance
  • our Y5/6 carols evening
  • our Y6 leavers performance
  • a concert in conjunction with other schools at the Temple Speech Rooms
  • participation in the Warwickshire Music choir festival
  • participation in The Big Sing at Rugby School as part of their Festival on the Close

A key event on our school calendar every year is Young Voices and we always take a large choir of children to this event, fully funded by school. Click here to see what it is all about!

As well as singing, we also value the importance of all children being able to experience playing an instrument. Did you know that in addition to the peripatetic music lessons that parents can sign their children up to, we also offer as part of our curriculum:

  • Whole class singing lessons in Year 3 as part of the Warwickshire Sings scheme, resulting in a concert at the end of the year.
  • Whole class ukulele lessons for Year 4 and Year 6
  • Whole class recorder lessons for Year 5

This year, we have also been lucky enough to work in conjunction with music specialists from Rugby School, who have provided whole class brass tuition and whole class singing tuition to our Y6s for the whole of the Autumn term.