On the morning of Monday 13th December Year 3 and 4 walked to St John’s church to take part in their Christmas experience. When we arrived we were all very excited.

To begin with, we watched a short clip about how Christmas started. After that we split into four groups to do four different activities. The first activity was at Mary’s kitchen and involved thinking about how we feel about doing different things that might involve different emotions. The second activity was thinking more about Jesus and the gifts he got like gold, frankincense and myrrh. The third activity was about reasons why Christians light candles during advent and we were given a bauble to represent the world and then we decorated it. The fourth activity we got a star to decorate because we were thinking about how the shepherds followed the star when they were lost. To finish off our Christmas experience at the church we watched another clip before singing a Christmas carol and ending with a prayer. We had a wonderful morning at the church and would like to thank everyone at the church who made the experience something we will remember. Thank you!