On Thursday 13th January Year 4 went on a trip to the Rugby Art Gallery, library and Information Centre. Robin’s trip was first and then Sparrow’s. Both classes enjoyed the iPads that our instructors Penny & Jean allowed us to make some Lego stop animation movies on! The app we used was called Stop Motion. We worked in groups to come up with a short story. To make the stop animation, we had to move our Lego pieces a tiny bit at a time and take pictures each time they moved. The app would then put the pictures together and it would look like the Lego was moving on its own!
After we had finished our movies, we quietly walked around the Art Gallery with Penny and Jean leading us to more art sculptures and drawings. There were some short movies of a person using stop motion with paint and Lego. As we looked around, we saw some Lego sculptures that had over a EIGHTEEN THOUSAND PIECES! Everyone was amazed!

We all enjoyed our trip to the Lego exhibition and wish we could have stayed longer!