Since September 2020, it has been a statutory requirement that all schools in England are teaching Relationships and Health Education as a fundamental part of the curriculum.

When we were creating the policy and consulting with parents, we created a video to explain how we wrote our policy, and how the new curriculum content is being embedded into our school which you can watch by clicking on the button below. You can also find a copy of our policy below which details what is taught in each year group.

In addition to the taught PSHE curriculum, we pride ourselves on the wider pastoral offer we have here at AFJS. The image above from OFSTED shows all the key elements that go into making a wider impact on children’s personal development during their time here at AFJS. You can see more information about this on our dedicated Personal Development page of this website.




Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

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Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

Protective Behaviours

As part of our PSHE and safeguarding support for all children, alongside our PSHE curriculum, we also deliver the Protective Behaviours programme during the initial few weeks of every academic year and then revisit the messages through other PSHE lessons and as part of everyday support throughout the year. Protective Behaviours is part of the Warwickshire Education Safeguarding Service’s Taking Care Scheme, designed to provide children with practical advice about how to keep themselves safe and how to observe and respect other people’s right to feel safe.

Please see the image below for details of what is covered in each year group.

No Outsiders

We also use the No Outsiders resources to deliver a lesson each half term based on a story book that relates to the protected characteristics and focuses on the theme of ‘All different. All welcome.” This is also regularly reinforced in whole school assemblies.


 The table below shows the texts and themes covered in these lessons.