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.Welcome to Year 4! As a fully-fledged Farmer, you will hopefully already know about many of the fun activities ahead of you in Year 4 and who knows what other surprises there may be in store! Whatever happens, you can certainly be sure that there will be many more opportunities for you to build upon all the ‘Farmers Forever’ memories you have already made. Maybe this will be the year you decide to be ambitious and try for the ‘house ambassador’ role? Maybe you will try a new after school club? Or even take up a musical instrument? The opportunities are all there for the taking!

In Year 4, as well as lots more exciting maths and English topics to cover, there are some really great topics where you will find out about the Egyptians, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. You will also learn about the geography of Europe and how it compares to that of England. Take a look in the Curriculum Overview section below to see what other exciting lessons there might be for you to look forward to.

In the other section below, you and your parents will be able to find information about your home learning too.

Make sure you come back to this page regularly to check in the Life in Year 4 section too. In here, you will be able to see pictures from different events that take place over the year – super memories to share with all your families about life as a Farmer!

Curriculum Overview

Life in Year 4

Home Learning