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Welcome to Year 5! You are now half way through your time at Abbots Farm and your very first day as a Farmer probably seems such a distant memory. You will already have heard about some of the exciting things that Year 5 has in store for you but you can guarantee there will also be lots more surprises and new events across the year too; another year as a Farmer and another year of wonderful ‘Farmers Forever’ memories. Not only are there chances to apply for the ‘house ambassador’ role again,  try a new after school club or take up a new musical instrument, there are also exciting opportunities like Space Camp to look forward to!

In year 5, you will hopefully continue to enjoy all our maths and English topics as well as learning about lots of other exciting things through your topics. During the first term, it is carnival time as you learn about the geography of South America and particularly the country of Brazil which is a diverse location with many cultures, different environments and wide-ranging habitats for all kinds of species. You will also travel back in time to the Ancient Egyptians to find out what impact their lives have had on ours today and then journey into outer space to find out more about earth and its place in the solar system. Take a look in the Curriculum Overview section below to see what other exciting lessons there might be for you to look forward to.

In the other section below, you and your parents will be able to find information about your home learning too.

Make sure you come back to this page regularly to check in the Life in Year 5 section too. In here, you will be able to see pictures from different events that take place over the year – super memories to share with all your families about life as a Farmer!

Curriculum Overview

Life in Year 5

Home Learning